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Simple Page1 Simple Map1
Create a basic page Create a basic map
Forum1 Filestore1
Post a new forum topic, or read the forums Upload a public or private file to the filestore
Taxonomy2 Specimens2
Create or upload a taxonomic hierarchy Create and upload a list or add a single entry
Literature2 Images2
Upload a reference list or add a single entry. Upload single or multiple images for annotation.
Syndication (RSS)2 Custom Data3
Add a news feed from another website Create, upload and view custom datasets.
DNA Sequences2 Genes2
Upload DNA sequences or add a single entry Add new genes to label DNA sequences
Template Views2 Custom Views3
Integrate data on a new page with one of our templates Create a custom view of your data by creating a new template


Site Information1 Your Profile1
Change the site title, mission statement and logo Edit your personal information, including where you are
Users1 Site Navigation2
Add, delete and edit registered users. Customize menus, blocks and all site content.
Feedback2 Visual Theme2
Moderate comments Change the visual theme of your site.
Backup1 Logs1

print = 'Co';
print += 'ntact';
print += ' us';
to restore your site from backup.

Who, what and how users access the site.

User Experience Key

  1. None - no experience required
  2. Limited - basic experience needed
  3. Advanced - suitable for an experienced user
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